About Us

(Faye - left; Catherine - right)

I'm a 20-year-old girl woman from the Philippines who grew up watching Japanese animé and reading Japanese manga. My love of reading novels started after my dad bought me Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I didn't like it very much, to be honest... but I liked the concept of reading. I was 8 years old then.

I'm currently studying AB European Studies. Through the years, I developed a love for anything French, particulièrement la langue. Je l'aime beaucoup! Cath is better at it than me, though (well, she started early :P ), but hey, I improve every day. Hah. 

I currently own a scanlation group called Iskultrip Scans. We scan and translate Japanese manga into English. It's a "done by fans for fans" thing, but we mainly do it so we can read graphic novels that have no hope of actually getting licensed in English. Feel free to read our work ^^

I love foie gras. And zombies. Mmm.
(and YA)

A parisienne au coeur at twenty years of age, and a vraie parisienne for a month-and-a-half, I believe I was born in the wrong time and the wrong place, two to three centuries too late. During my early childhood, I would spend a number of summers at the house of my aunt, a certified bookworm who inculculated in me a  fondness for books. Yet it wasn't until I was nine when I had started reading Harry Potter that I had completely fallen in love with reading... a love as strong as ever today.

Like Faye, I am currently studying AB European Studies in the hope of becoming a diplomat someday. La langue française est la langue de mon âme but I have found myself likewise falling in love with Castellano.

My wanderlust is unstopable and apart from reading, I find in travel my greatest pleasure. I still await my Hogwarts acceptance letter and I doubt that I will ever outgrow les contes de fées.


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